? CCBD 中國鄉村建筑研究設計院有限公司 - 公司簡介
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                China Country Building Design

                CCBD (short for China Country Building Design) is an International-owned companies registered in Hong Kong as well as the new investment in real estate development, design, integrated platform that first to open research and development of China's country architecture and design, with the aim of promoting the construction of China country. Based on many years of professional design experience and depth of China's country architecture exploration,CCBD goes deep into country folk culture research of China's different regions, With a forward-looking industry perspective,and forme a covers country folklore and rural architectural planning, architectural design, construction management, investment and development of professional services in the system mode. Meanwhile, in country architectural design services, faning out from point to area, with full account of rural construction and dynamic of the chain effects,CCBD commits to building modern architectural design of the building suitable for China's country character and establishs the most valuable rural complex business models.

                To achieve people-oriented and responsible for the first, adhering to the "traditional Chinese wisdom of rural culture, improve rural human settlement environment in China" the corporate mission and "pragmatic, innovative, pioneering" spirit of enterprise, CCBD takes responsibility in building China's most beautiful countryside, continually advances the management system standardization, standardization, specialization and refinement, and trains high quality professional management team.Based on forward-looking strategic planning, scientific management system, professional capacity and deepening of the market brand impact , CCBD Commits to harmonious habitat creation and development ,constructs the Chinese urban and rural development blueprint.







                傳承中國鄉村文化智慧 改善中國鄉村人居環境



                Concentrated on Chinese country culture research and searched to the root of humanistic connotation of country,then CCBD takes the results as the design direction of country architecture.Based on the respect of humanism and the value of land,CCBD continues pursuit of building ideals country habitat, with maximizing the value of land use.CCBD treats building as a carrier to heritage country cultural wisdom,fans out from point to area to realize the benign interaction development of capacity,and takes culture as the foundation to hold responsibility for the land, the people and the future.Through the improvement of rural living environment, CCBD is going to open a new future of Chinese rural life.