? CCBD 中國鄉村建筑研究設計院有限公司 - 湖南省·漣源市·龍洋山莊餐廳設計
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                • 湖南省·漣源市·龍洋山莊餐廳設計 消息 / News Date:2016年10月20日


                  Long Yang Villa ecological restaurant.




                  This restaurant is located in the mountain area, about 20 minutes drive from the nearest town and has a unique ecological environment (subtropical forest and lake view). The restaurant is a two-story building, with 216 open seats, 8 private dining rooms and two standard rooms, perfectly integrated with the surrounding mountains and lake.


                  The construction area of the restaurant is located at the lake as a ribbon shape. The altitude between the lake and the site is 3-5 meters. The back of the site is hillside with a pole and waste freight railway. The land use is very tense.


                  The design successfully faced the challenge and responded to the surrounding landscape. The height of the main restaurant was controlled in two stories, through letting the solid building face the lake to form "U" -type enclosure, to achieve maximum landscape view. Beautiful mountains, railways and lake can be seen in the restaurant. Varying sizes of five courtyard implied the conversion of different functional space, while shorten the distance between the customers and the landscape.


                  The main entrance of the restaurant is equipped with parking spaces, and the huge eaves provide customers with a view of the mountain lake.


                  Use the second floor terrace and large trees to create a shaded landscape at the entrance.


                  Unique dining space, so that customers with a more relaxed mood to eat.


                  The wide viewing platform on the second floor, allowing customers to more close to nature, into the natural, feel the charm of the nature.